CiteDrive First Alpha Release

  • CiteDrive, an easy-to-use, web-based, collaborative 'BibTeX'-Reference-Manager for paper-makers, is coming out soon. We are currently looking for alpha-testers!

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    Never lose the overview by creating a new project for each paper, each with a different team, each thesis/dissertation of the student you are supervising, or the next book you are working on, and switch at any time with a single mouse-click.

    Perfect for Overleaf!

    CiteDrive supports all BibTeX fields to create and import new references. Export your references to Overleaf. Every time you or your colleagues make a change, add a new reference, or make a comment, the data is automatically updated.


    No tedious saving, uploading, downloading, and confusion you experience with your team. No more worrying about losing data, because everything is backed up in the cloud.

    Perfect for teams

    We know how important teamwork is for scientists and how natural extensive tools for teams have become. Add colleagues to your project, you and your team structure, collect and annotate references and material for your paper, clearly arranged in one project.


    Structure and organize your references by groups and your groups by projects to never lose track of your work and all projects.

    Search & Import

    Search and import references from Semantic and Google Scholar with one click.

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